When it comes to CV joints and axle repair, the highly trained and experienced gas and diesel auto mechanics at Browns Mill Automotive in Johnson City really should be your go-to gas and diesel auto repair experts. CV joints and axle repair are nothing to scoff at and should never be ignored. It's bad enough if you end up stranded on the side of the road, but it could be far worse if your axle breaks.

There is no repairing a CV joint, only replacing them will do the trick and keep you safe. CV joints and axle repair need to be taken seriously and the Browns Mill Automotive team has the experience, parts, and technology to make sure that all CV joints and axle repair are done correctly to keep you safely on the road. We certainly don't want to hear about how you were in an accident because your axle broke!

The most common and noticeable sign that you have a bad CV joint is a clicking noise when you are turning. If that happens, don't wait. Bring your vehicle into the Browns Mill Automotive team as soon as possible. At least you will never have to worry if we are trying to sell you on services you don't need because we lead with integrity. Take a look at what this happy customer had to say about his experience with us in this recent 5-star review:

"Good group of honest guys staff was very knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with." -- Cody A.

The best thing about the diesel and gas auto repair team at Browns Mill Automotive is that we really do care about you, your vehicle, and safely keeping you on the roads of Johnson City and beyond. Browns Mill Automotive is a certified NAPA Auto Care Center and we offer a 3yr/36,000 mile nationwide warranty. We are also the AAA certified repair center in our area and don't forget that Browns Mill Towing is the AAA towing service for both Johnson City and Kingsport. The team at Browns Mill Automotive isn't out to make a quick buck. We want your business for life and so we treat you like one of the family. Come in and see for yourself! We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. Feel free to stop by our shop at 3609 N. Roan St. Johnson City, TN 37601. For best service, make your appointment today!

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