While driving down the roads of Johnson City, who doesn't love a properly functioning air conditioner on a hot day? The well-trained gas and diesel auto mechanics at Browns Mill Auto & Diesel know just how much an air conditioning service from reputable gas and diesel auto repair facility matters when it really counts. You simply cannot go wrong with the true craftsmanship our auto mechanics provide when it comes to performing an air conditioning service or other repairs to your vehicle.

It's usually pretty easy to detect when you need an air conditioning service. The gas and diesel auto mechanics at Browns Mill Auto & Diesel know that when the inside of your car starts smelling like an old gym sock, it probably means there's a mold issue potentially caused by a blocked drain or dirty air filter. Other signs of needing an air conditioning service is when you're driving around Johnson City (or anywhere for that matter!) and you turn on your A/C full blast but all you get is a weak stream of air or the air that comes through is hot, it's time to give the Browns Mill Auto & Diesel team a call!

Browns Mill Auto & Diesel not only has a team of highly skilled and experienced auto mechanics who are well versed in all air conditioning service issues, but you can count on always being treated with caring, professionalism, and integrity. From the moment you drive onto the Browns Mill Auto & Diesel facility, we will strive to deliver the highest customer service experience possible. Take a peek at what customers are saying about their experience with us:

"Wonderful folks and wonderful service. Highly recommended!" -- Dan L.

The best thing about the diesel and gas auto repair team at Browns Mill Auto & Diesel is that we really do care about you, your vehicle, and safely keeping you on the road. Browns Mill Auto & Diesel is a certified NAPA Auto Care Center and we offer a 3yr/36,000 mile nationwide warranty. We are also the AAA certified repair center in our area and don't forget that Browns Mill Towing is the AAA towing service for both Johnson City and Kingsport. The team at Browns Mill Auto & Diesel isn't out to make a quick buck. We want your business for life and so we treat you like one of the family. Come in and see for yourself! We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. Feel free to stop by our shop at 3609 N. Roan St. Johnson City, TN 37601. For best service, make your appointment today!

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